For Our Children

The inspiration for this poem is the miracle of our seven beloved children, gifts from God, each one.  It has been my greatest earthly privilege to be their mother, to walk with them from birth to adulthood, and to partake in their joys and sorrows, their dreams and achievements, their fears and ultimately, their faith.

The meter for this one is iambic heptameter: x/x/x/x/x/x/x/, the form AABB.

For Our Children

“The sum is greater than its parts,” or so the saying goes.

And now the two of us can see the proof as each one grows,

Distinct but similar in code, the perfect mix and match

Of you and me but with a little extra in each batch.


You gave your chromosomes, all twenty-three, and I gave mine:

That nose like yours, those eyes like mine, his humor, her hairline.

The two became one, yes it’s true, that one plus one is one,

But each of us gave more than us to daughter and to son.


For isn’t that your Uncle Bob we hear in boyish joke,

My grandma’s fingers on the keys our daughter can evoke?

A cousin’s art, your father’s songs, Aunt Margaret’s detail–

We see and hear and sense them all; our children walk their trail.


But still there’s more; it’s not heredity alone they bear,

Not just genetic predetermination that they share.

For parts of them go further than we trace from you or me,

Those aspects that can’t find a match in recent history.


Original in talent, passion, attitude, and mien,

Each child is now a prototype the world has never seen,

When Breath from Heaven orchestrated life within each cell.

Their DNA and heritage formed just the earthly shell.


Each independent spirit held within its human frame,

Loosely defined by history, by ancestry, by name.

But tighter bound to One who holds their hearts within His hand;

Creator of this family, Who had the whole thing planned.


Remember when we held them, small, in wonder and in awe

That mortal hands could hold eternal souls, so new, so raw?

We knew then as we know it now, the honor of our place,

Our sum, as parents, greater than our parts, by far, by grace.


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