Walk With Me

This is another poem for my husband.  It is written in trochaic heptameter (x/x/x/x/x/x/x), though each line is split after the fourth trochee.  The form of the poem is ABAB.


Walk With Me


Walk with me, though both of us

May wonder where we go .

Talk with me, explore, discuss

The things we may not know.


Sit with me, through anxious hours

Of waiting and of pain.

Stay with me, to share what’s ours

In sunshine and in rain.


Look at me and see beyond

What all the world can see.

Touch me, knowing I’ll respond

With warm felicity.


Love with me, when times are hard

And laughter wants to die.

Hold my heart with fond regard

More, as the years go by.


Walk and talk and sit and stay

And look and touch and love.

With me, make each passing day

Our blessing from above.



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