Hello, and welcome!  As the writer of this blog’s poems, I am honored that you are here.  Like all of us, I search for meaning in this life, and my search has brought me to the God found in Scripture, revealed to us through His creation, His Word, and His Son.  I have found within the pages of the Bible depths of eternal Truth and Wisdom that, as a mortal, I will never be able to plumb.  But the little I can see, though it be “through a glass, darkly,” catalyzes me to write, to express my finite understanding, to dance around each immortal thought,  through the medium of poetry.

In my attempt to “sing a new song,” I employ old and new frameworks: from sonnets to rondeaus, to free verse.  I give a brief explanation of the meter and formula of each poem, in case any readers are unfamiliar with a particular style.